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Why Smart Lighting Control Is Perfect for Condo Common Areas

A condo building in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with palm trees surrounding it.

Create Attractive Common Areas That Homebuyers Will Love

If you manage a condominium complex, you may be wondering how you can add value to the property and entice buyers or renters. Of course, proximity to the beach helps! But to appeal to homebuyers—whether they’re downsizing or purchasing for the first time—it benefits youto have incredible amenities like smart technology. 

By technology, we don’t just mean smart thermostats and surveillance cameras. Commercial lighting control can transform the atmosphere of condo common spaces and units while saving energy too. With a professional lighting design and color-tunable lights, residents will be in awe of the rooms they can call home.

Read on to learn how partnering with a lighting designer and home technology company like First Priority Audio will enhance your Fort Lauderdale, FL property. Your condo complex may become the most in-demand in the area! 

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Control Multiple Areas at Once

You’re responsible for maintaining the common areas, so why not make it easier for yourself? Through smart system integration, we can group all lights together into easily-controlled zones. Then, from your smartphone, tablet, or even wall keypad, you can instantly activate the pool area, lounge, lobbies, gym, and mailroom simultaneously. Automation takes control out of your hands, automatically powering lights on and off to follow a schedule

Set the Mood with Color-Tunable Lights

People frequently decide to purchase or rent condos because of the luxury amenities included. You can create eye-catching common spaces by customizing the appearance of each room’s LED lights

Through the smart system platform, you’ll fine-tune lights to the perfect shade of white or choose fun colors in lounge or pool areas. You can even automate lights to adjust their brightness and color to follow the sun’s patterns so that lights will appear cozy and dim by evening, like warm candlelight. 

Save Energy

If you manage the housing association of a condo complex, you want to provide attractive amenities while reducing costs too. By automating your lighting, you save energy across common rooms and outdoor areas. Through the smart system, you can program lights to turn on only when needed, and even integrate motion and light sensors to trigger lights and motorized shades to activate. Shades will automatically lower to block out harsh UV rays. That way, you can keep the AC slightly higher, saving even more electricity. 

With more and more condos appearing in the Fort Lauderdale area, now is the time to find creative ways to stand out from the competition. If you’re a condo developer, consider adding smart home technology like lighting and shading to your complex’s common areas. 


To get started, contact First Priority Audio here for a no-obligation consultation. We look forward to working with you!

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