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Pros & Cons of Hardwired vs. Mesh Home Networks


Which Method Is Best for Reliable, Speedy Internet? 

Nowadays, a strong internet connection is essential in every room of the house. We rely on Wi-Fi and the internet to communicate, stream music, TV, and movies, and even control smart devices. 

Unfortunately, most routers from internet service providers are low-quality and can’t reach every area of your property. To solve this, you can expand your network in one of two ways: 

  • Install hardwired access points that connect to the main router and broadcast signals to new areas.  
  • Create a mesh network with a group of wireless devices that relay data by "meshing" together rather than connecting through a central access point. 

Still confused? Unsure which is best? Let’s compare both mesh and wired home networking systems to help you find the right option in Lighthouse Point, FL. 

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