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Tech Guide: How to Create the Ultimate Gaming Setup


Explore Curved TVs, Video Projectors & More 

Whether for kids or adults, gaming can be as immersive and high-quality as watching movies in a home theater. With the right audio, visual, and network technologies, you can significantly enhance the experience for your PlayStation, Xbox, and more. 

As an audio-video integrator for the Fort Lauderdale, FL, area, we know what it takes to create a next-level gaming system. From TVs to video projector setups, here’s our guide to creating top-notch gaming this summer. 

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1. Low Latency: The Key to Smooth Gameplay

Low latency is crucial for an optimal gaming experience, especially for fast-paced action and competitive online play. Latency refers to the delay between pressing a button on your controller and seeing the action on screen. High latency can lead to lag, making games feel unresponsive and frustrating. By prioritizing low-latency equipment, you ensure a smoother, more responsive gaming experience.

2. Immersive Visuals

Our TV Pick: LG OLED Flex

For a versatile and immersive gaming experience, the LG OLED Flex is a standout choice. This 42-inch TV from LG's 2023 OLED lineup boasts a unique ability to curve its screen, accommodating various viewing styles and needs. The screen can switch from flat to a dramatic curve, which LG dubs the 'Shield Design,' ideal for both gaming and movie-watching.

Equipped with LG's α9 Gen 5 AI Processor 4K, the webOS smart platform, and eARC for audio passthrough, this TV supports all major gaming features at 4K @ 120Hz through its HDMI 2.1 bandwidth. Its Super Anti Reflection (SAR) feature minimizes glare, enhancing visibility compared to other OLED models like the LG C2 and G2.

Unique to the LG OLED Flex are features typically found in monitors, such as an integrated gaming microphone and a customizable user experience. Gamers can adjust the screen size for different content or even split the screen to view two content streams simultaneously, providing unmatched flexibility and immersion.

Our Projector Picks

For those who prefer a larger-than-life gaming experience, a high-quality video projector setup is an excellent option. Key factors to consider for gaming projectors are HDR capabilities and low input lag. Ideal input lag for gaming projectors ranges from 33ms to 40ms, with anything below 33ms being exceptional.

HDR, or High Dynamic Range, enhances color saturation and contrast, making the visuals more vibrant and immersive. The Sony VPL-XW6000ES and VPL-XW5000ES projectors are excellent choices, both offering 4K 60Hz input with input lag under 21ms and 2K 120Hz input with input lag under 13ms. These projectors ensure that your gaming experience is both visually stunning and responsive.

3. Superior Audio

Audio quality is as critical to gaming as it is to movie watching in a home theater. Crisp, clear sound lets you hear every detail, from subtle footsteps to explosive action sequences, without overwhelming the overall audio balance. Properly calibrated audio ensures you won’t need to constantly adjust the volume to catch quiet dialogue or soften loud moments.

Consider integrating a soundbar like those from Bang & Olufsen or a set of floorstanding or bookshelf speakers for enhanced sound quality. For a fully immersive experience, a surround sound system is ideal. Brands like Focal and Origin Acoustics offer excellent options for creating a dynamic and engaging soundscape.

4. Strong Network Connection

A reliable and fast internet connection is essential for online gaming. Insufficient bandwidth can result in lag and disconnections, disrupting your gaming experience. To ensure a stable connection, consider wiring your console directly to the internet via Ethernet. If a wired connection isn’t feasible, invest in a high-quality router with MU-MIMO technology and Wi-Fi 6 support to handle multiple devices and maintain high speeds.

Upgrade Your Gaming Experience with First Priority Audio 

At First Priority Audio, we specialize in creating custom gaming and home theater setups tailored to your needs. Whether it’s choosing the right display, optimizing your audio system, or ensuring a robust network connection, we have the expertise to elevate your gaming experience.

Contact one of our AV experts here to learn more about our services or visit our showroom to try out the technology for yourself! 

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