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Why Your Gaming Audio Sounds Uneven (& How to Fix It)


Bring Home Theater Sound to Your Gaming Experience 

Have you noticed that when you play video games, the sound is completely uneven? If you turn up the volume to hear environmental details like footsteps and background music, action scenes are far too loud the next moment. Then, when you turn down the volume, you’re unable to hear all the background sounds that make games feel immersive and lifelike. 

If this is the case for your gaming setup, it sounds like you need better speakers, headphones, or an improved audio format. 

As a home theater installer in Palm Beach, FL, we help homeowners improve their movie-watching and gaming experiences through state-of-the-art AV installations. Here are our tips for better home theater gaming audio.  

A New Partnership: Voice Control & Vantage Lighting


Discover the Exciting New Smart Home Integration

This just in!, the voice control and home automation provider, is now an official partner with Vantage Lighting. systems now feature built-in compatibility with Vantage smart light fixtures for faster installations and expanded control and automation possibilities. 

Here’s why this integration is great news for our smart home customers in Palm Beach, FL!

Basalte: Home Automation with an Eye for Design


The Simplistic Beauty of Basalte’s Smart Home Solutions 

As a smart home integrator, we want our customers’ smart homes in Palm Beach, FL, to be functional and helpful, meeting all their lifestyle needs. But we also don’t want it to feel like technology is cramping your aesthetic. Control panels, keypads, and voice devices should blend seamlessly into your interior—and that’s what Basalte is all about. 

Basalte is a Belgian smart home brand that hand-assembles elegant touch screens, mounting solutions, and keypads. Basalte offers its own home control system, Basalte Home, but also integrates with KNX (the worldwide standard for home automation), making its solutions compatible with other smart home platforms. 

Let’s explore the world of Basalte and how it makes the most of voice-controlled home automation

6 Common Pain Points Solved by Lutron Motorized Shades

Living room with Lutron motorized shades on the windows.

A Smart, New Approach to Blinds, Shades & Drapes 

Managing window treatments seems like a simple enough task. But we’ve all experienced roller shades that, for whatever reason, won’t retract or lower properly. And when you have dozens of windows across your house, raising and lowering the shades can take up a lot of time. So much time that many homeowners decide to leave some window blinds open eternally. 

Enter Lutron motorized shades, a sophisticated answer to many common issues with traditional window treatments. Let’s delve into six pain points that Lutron’s innovative solutions can address in your Palm Beach, FL, home. 

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