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Top 10 Commands to Use with Josh Voice Control

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Making Your Smart Home Even Smarter with

Historically, voice assistants have been, well, a bit disappointing. But that all changes with, the voice assistant built specifically for home control.  

What sets apart from other voice assistants is its unwavering commitment to user privacy, deep understanding of natural language, and remarkable context awareness. Unlike other voice-controlled systems, doesn't share your personal data, ensuring your privacy is always protected. It's designed to grasp the nuances of how people naturally speak, making interactions more human-like. 

Moreover, excels at context awareness, understanding the flow of conversations, and keeping track of your preferences. Josh is faster than other voice assistants and experiences 20.4% lower error rates compared to other voice devices like Alexa and Google Home.  

Earlier this year, released its ten most popular voice commands used by homeowners. As a home technology installer based in Lighthouse Point, FL, we couldn’t be more excited about recent developments with Josh. Let’s see how people are already using Josh voice control—and how you can, too! 

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10. "Okay Josh, Watch Netflix."

Imagine the convenience of settling into your favorite armchair after a long day and simply saying, "Okay Josh, Watch Netflix." With this command, not only turns on your TV but also navigates to your preferred streaming service. No more fumbling with different remotes or scrolling through menus—it's seamless entertainment at your fingertips. 

9. "Okay Josh, What's the Weather?"

Ask this, and provides a detailed weather report, helping you decide whether to grab an umbrella or sunglasses before stepping out. You can always ask variations of this question, like “What’s the weather in Lighthouse Point?” or something more specific like, “Is it going to be windy today?” 

8. "Okay Josh, Turn On the Fan."

According to, this has been the eighth-most popular command for two years in a row. Josh can connect to your home’s fans and AC through a Control4, Crestron, or Lutron smart home system, instantly cooling your house.  

7. "Okay Josh, Turn Off the Music."

Josh’s contextual awareness understands that if you say this in the kitchen, it won’t turn off your teenager’s speaker upstairs. This popular command makes it easy to switch activities or power down devices before leaving the house. 

6. "Okay Josh, Open/Close the Shades."

Enhancing privacy, controlling sunlight, and optimizing energy efficiency are at your command with this phrase. You can even get specific with Josh, asking it to “Open shades halfway” or “Tilt shades to 50%.” 

5. "Okay Josh, Good Morning."

Starting your day with this command initiates a series of actions. Lights gently brighten, shades open to let in the morning light, and your smart coffee maker kicks into action. It's a seamless and personalized morning routine, giving you a stress-free start to your day.

4. "Okay Josh, What Time Is It?"

If your phone’s across the house and there isn’t a clock in the room, why not ask Josh? Josh’s inconspicuous Nano and Micro devices can be installed throughout your home, so Josh is never out of reach.  

3. "Okay Josh, Goodnight."

A great night's sleep starts with this command. Lights dim, doors lock, and the thermostat adjusts to your preferred sleeping temperature. It's the perfect way to wind down and ensure your home is secure for the night.

2. "Okay Josh, Turn On/Off the TV."

This simple command simplifies your entertainment experience. You don't need multiple remotes; just ask to turn your TV on or off, and it obeys instantly.

1. "Okay Josh, Turn On/Off the Lights."

The most frequently used command for a reason.'s ability to manage your lighting with just your voice is a game-changer. With this command, you can set the mood, save energy, or ensure safety, making it the top choice for smart home users. 

Curious to learn more about smart home living and Contact First Priority Audio, your destination for all things home automation in South Florida. 

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