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Top 10 Commands to Use with Josh Voice Control

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Making Your Smart Home Even Smarter with

Historically, voice assistants have been, well, a bit disappointing. But that all changes with, the voice assistant built specifically for home control.  

What sets apart from other voice assistants is its unwavering commitment to user privacy, deep understanding of natural language, and remarkable context awareness. Unlike other voice-controlled systems, doesn't share your personal data, ensuring your privacy is always protected. It's designed to grasp the nuances of how people naturally speak, making interactions more human-like. 

Moreover, excels at context awareness, understanding the flow of conversations, and keeping track of your preferences. Josh is faster than other voice assistants and experiences 20.4% lower error rates compared to other voice devices like Alexa and Google Home.  

Earlier this year, released its ten most popular voice commands used by homeowners. As a home technology installer based in Lighthouse Point, FL, we couldn’t be more excited about recent developments with Josh. Let’s see how people are already using Josh voice control—and how you can, too! 

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