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Focal Delivers the Best in Outdoor Speaker Systems

Focal Stone 8 speaker seating on a wooden pool ledge behind a beige patio chair.

Explore the Power and Elegance of Their New OD Stone 8 Speakers 

Imagine lounging by your pool or enjoying a garden party with friends under the beautiful sunshine in Ocala, all accompanied by the rich, immersive sound of high-end audio that blends with the natural surroundings. The allure of outdoor living is undeniable in the Sunshine State, and at First Priority Audio, we're committed to enhancing that experience with the best in audio technology.  

Our luxury clientele deserves better than wireless outdoor speakers. That’s why we're excited to partner with top companies like Focal, which deliver the best outdoor speaker systems. One of the latest additions to their Littora line of outdoor solutions is the OD Stone 8, the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality for an outdoor experience that resonates with elegance and high-performance sound.

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Your Clients Don’t Want Clutter: Design with Hidden Audio

Hidden speakers in a Leon Edge Media Frame.

Where High-End Audio Meets Minimalism 

Great interior design is as much about what isn’t there as what is. Beautiful furniture, wall colors, and furnishings set the stage, but the absence of clutter and unnecessary objects creates a clean, comfortable environment. 

If you’re designing for luxury homeowners in the Parkland, FL, area, they’ll likely desire a great TV and speaker system. Here’s how you can design with a minimal aesthetic and high-end AV. Discover hidden audio below! 

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A Look at Sony’s New AV Receivers for Home Theaters

The Sony ES Series receiver in a media room setting.

5 New Sony Receivers for 2023 

When most people think of ‘home theaters,’ they imagine high-end speakers, a projector, and a screen that lowers with a press of a button. However, for your home theater to work, an audio-video receiver is essential. 

Think of the receiver as the brains of your home theater system. It distributes media, powers your AV hardware, amplifies audio signals, and allows you to switch between media sources.  

If you’re interested in installing a new home theater, you’re in luck. Sony recently released five new AV receivers that make the theater experience even better. Here’s what makes each new Sony receiver unique—and how they’ll benefit your home theater sound system in Hypoluxo, FL. 

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The Power of the Cloud: Verkada Home Security Systems

A Verkada home security camera on the eaves of a house.

Smart Cameras for Stronger Security 

As a leading home technology integrator based in the Fort Lauderdale, FL, area, First Priority Audio is always on the lookout for the most reliable, efficient, and innovative security solutions to enhance our client’s safety. One brand that consistently meets our high standards is Verkada, a pioneer in home security systems.

What sets Verkada apart from older and more traditional security systems is its advanced cloud-based platform. This state-of-the-art approach eliminates the need for bulky recording devices and hard drives that you need to configure routinely. Instead, all video footage from your Verkada cameras is stored securely in the cloud. 

How does a cloud-based home security system work? Find out below! 

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Why Camera Quality Matters for Home Surveillance

An Avigilon home surveillance camera on a wooden ceiling.

Catch Every Detail with HD Home Security Cameras 

Are your home surveillance cameras outdated? Is ‘old-school’ the best way to describe the video quality? If so, it may be time for an upgrade. 

HD surveillance cameras provide more detail with sharper images so you can decipher faces, license plates, and more accurate colors. Modern home surveillance cameras also include infrared and thermal imaging to see better in the dark.  

If it’s ever necessary to capture evidence through your surveillance cameras, it will be incredibly frustrating if the footage is no help due to poor video quality. You can better protect your Parkland, FL, home with HD surveillance cameras. Here’s how to find them! 

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