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Beyond Smart Bulbs: Discover Lutron's Smart LED Fixtures

A modern bathroom and walk-in closet with Lutron LED recessed lighting and tape lighting.

A Smarter, Color-Customizable Way to Illuminate Home 

If you're looking to elevate the ambiance and functionality of your Fort Lauderdale home, Lutron has got you covered. While many people associate Lutron with their exceptional lighting control systems, they also offer a wide range of premium LED light fixtures that truly transform your living spaces. 

With Lutron's smart LED fixtures, you can go beyond the traditional smart bulb and create a customized lighting experience that perfectly suits your needs and style. Take a look at the various light fixtures that will complete your Lutron lighting system

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Lutron’s Finiré Downlights

For those looking to create a sleek lighting design, Lutron's Finiré recessed downlights are the perfect solution. These fixtures are installed directly into the ceiling, providing a clean, unobtrusive lighting solution. 

Lutron's recessed downlights are available in various sizes, shapes, and beam angles, allowing you to customize the lighting coverage in your space. You can also choose between matte white, silver, black, and bronze trim finishings to complement your ceiling surface. 

Finiré lights offer 0.1 percent dimming capabilities with soft-on and fade-to-black dimming. These fixtures are compatible with Lutron's control systems, allowing you to remotely dim, brighten, or adjust the color of your lights to create the perfect ambiance. Want funky blue and pink lights to host a party? Or warm, cozy lighting for a romantic evening? Finiré lights can be adjusted to fit any occasion. 

Lumaris Tape Lights 

Looking for striking accent lighting—or an easy way to control countertop, shelving, or mirror-edge lights? Lutron’s Lumaris tunable white tape light solution is the first tape light designed to be part of Lutron lighting systems. 

Through the Lutron app or wall keypad, you can dim Lumaris tape lights all the way down to 0.1 percent brightness and adjust the color temperature from warm to cool. You aren’t stuck with only a few color choices, either. Lumaris tape lights can be set to any shade of white you desire. 

Lumaris also simplifies the smart lighting installation. Like Finiré lights, you’ll experience guaranteed connectivity between the tape lights and control system, eliminating driver-to-driver compatibility struggles. 

Leveraging Lutron Lights with Smart Control 

A Lutron control system takes its LED fixtures to another level. Unlike other DIY smart bulbs, you don’t have to rely on your smartphone alone to control the lights. Lutron allows you to adjust and activate lights through custom keypads on the wall, with unique buttons like “Party” or “Relax” that adjust your Finiré or Lumaris lights to the perfect hue. And if you have your hands full? Tell your voice assistant to turn off all the lights, and the whole house will respond. 

Furthermore, Lutron systems empower homeowners to sync their other home technologies, including motorized shades and thermostats. So if you create a custom smart scene like “Dinner,” your Lutron lights, shades, and thermostats can all adjust in unison. 

Bring the Magic of Lutron to Your South Florida Home 

If you're ready to take your lighting to the next level, don't hesitate to contact our lighting experts at First Priority Audio. We offer Lutron’s entire catalog of lighting solutions and can install and program your Lutron lighting system for you. 

Contact First Priority Audio today and start transforming your space with Lutron's innovative lighting solutions! 

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