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Preparing Your Control4 Smart Home for the Holiday Season

Two hands holding a tablet with a Control4 smart home interface. In the background is a Christmas tree.

‘Tis the Season for Smart Home Upgrades  

The holiday season is just around the corner, and there's no better time to transform your home into the coziest place for celebrations. Whether you're planning to install a new Control4 smart home system or your existing one could use an update, here's what you need to consider to ensure your home is holiday-ready.  

As the leading Control4 dealer in Parkland, FL, we're here to guide you through the process and provide all the smart solutions on your wish list. Get inspired below! 

Just In: Limited Edition Ferrari & Bang and Olufsen Speakers

The Ferrari Collection of red Bang and Olufsen speakers.

Red Hot Audio by Two Iconic European Brands 

Just like a Ferrari turns heads on the road, these B&O speakers are meant for the spotlight. 

Bang and Olufsen, the Danish high-end audio manufacturer, has launched a collection of Ferrari-red loudspeakers in partnership with the iconic Italian car manufacturer. Focal may have Bentley and Klipsch partnered with McLaren, but Bang and Olufsen speakers are now official partners with Ferrari. And the partnership goes both ways—the B&O logo will be featured on Scuderia Ferrari cars for the 2023 racing season.  

The Ferrari Collection reimagines four of B&O’s audio products in bright red with the unmistakable Ferrari logo. Of the collaboration, Bang and Olufsen’s CEO Kristian Teär shared, “The combination of best-in-class performance, graceful aesthetics, and meticulous craftsmanship brought B&O and Ferrari together to create the collection.”  

As an official Bang and Olufsen distributor in Palm Beach, FL, we couldn’t be more excited about this new Ferrari line. B&O is typically known for its earth-toned speakers that blend into interiors, so this is a bright, new departure for them. 

Learn more about the Ferrari Line and Bang and Olufsen speakers below! 

Inspired by Art Basel: Lighting Design for Artwork

Two people looking at modern artwork on the wall illuminated by lighting design.

Create Your Own Gallery with a Professional Lighting Design  

Art Basel returns to Miami December 8th–10th! While we’re excited to see all the incredible art from around the world, as lighting nerds, we’re also eager to see the exciting lighting installations and lighting designs used for the festival. 

Art Basel has famously featured dramatic, jaw-dropping lighting designs that light up buildings in vibrant colors and decadent fixtures. And inside the galleries, the festival’s lighting designers carefully apply lighting to make each artwork ‘pop’ so visitors can see the art in all its glory. 

If you’re an art collector in the Fort Lauderdale area, your art also deserves to be seen in its best light. Below, we’ll explain how lighting design can enhance your art collection like it’s in a museum or gallery. 

Coastal Source: Outdoor Lighting to Blend In With Landscaping

 A Coastal Source lighting fixture mounted outside by a pathway.

SEE ALSO: 5 Things to Know Before Installing Outdoor Lighting 

Flex Niche: Easy-to-Conceal Lights 

Coastal Source’s new FLEX Niche lighting series solves an all-too-common problem: during the day, you don’t want to see bulky lighting hardware. FLEX Niche offers an innovative solution through its flexible, modular fixtures that can blend discreetly into your lawn. 

The FLEX Niche series is made up of 30 existing lighting parts that can configure 300 potential fixtures. This means you can find the perfect fixture for every setting, whether that’s mounted on a tree, staked in the ground, or mounted against your house. 

If you’re installing lights along a pathway, the FLEX Niche curved pathway light is as thin as a plant and will blend in amongst the greenery. Its fixed uplights also feature a slim design that makes an excellent choice for illuminating the underside of small trees, shrubs, or other points of interest. 

Modular Magic 

FLEX Niche outdoor lights make customization easy for integrators. We select the fixture, shroud, armature, riser, and stake to create the custom light you need. Plus, the solid brass lights are ready to install right out of the box, so we won’t need to make any further modifications. 

Razor: Coastal Source’s New Outdoor Audio Line

Coastal Source speakers

Explore Coastal Source’s Wall-Mounted Architectural Speakers 

Coastal Source has long been one of our preferred outdoor audio brands at First Priority Audio. Coastal Source’s 3-way and 2-way Bollard speakers are built to withstand all temperatures and weather while delivering powerful sound to outdoor spaces. 

And now Coastal Source has released an exciting new line of outdoor audio—the Razor speaker line. These slim, elegant wall-mounted speakers seamlessly fit the home’s exterior, bringing high-end sound to patios, decks, porches, and outdoor living areas. 

Here’s what makes Razor Coastal Source speakers exceptional for our customer’s homes in Lighthouse Point, FL. 

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