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Music changes your home. I can prove it!


I did not grow up with music playing in my home every day... maybe the occasional Saturday or Sunday as we cleaned the house.  If there was music playing, it was in my room as I played video games as a kid.  My wife, on the other hand, had music playing in her childhood home much more than I did.  I'm assuming that's part of the reason she can recite lyrics from decades old songs from memory as though she was forced to memorize them for an exam.  Either way, she lived with music in her home and she has grown into an adult that loves to add music to any occasion or task.  When we first moved in together I noticed that I was playing music in the home much more often than I had when I lived alone.  As we add whole home music to more and more rooms in our home, this has become even more common. If we aren't actively watching something on TV, there is music playing somewhere in the home.  Our shower routine will never be without music again... a la Ferris Bueller!

Recently, Sonos in conjunction with Apple Music conducted a study on music's affect in the home, and the findings were nothing short of amazing.  The study was led by Daniel Levitin, who has literally written the book on music's affect on your brain.  In short, 30,000 general music listening people were polled, and more importantly an experiment was conducted in 30 homes throughout the world. For 1 week, those homes were not allowed to play music aloud... then the next week they did.  Levitin called the findings of the study "a nexus of intimacy and togertherness".  Music really does bring people together.

Here are some of the findings that jumped out at me:

  • The average distance between household members decreased by 12%.
  • In the US, family members spent 4 and a half more hours together with music playing than without.
  • People were 33% more likely to cook together & 58% said the food even tasted better...
  • 85% more likely to invite friends and family over...
  • 15% more likely to laugh together...
  • 18% more likely to say "I love you"...
  • 24% less irritable...
  • 25% more inspired...
  • 16% increase in overall positive feelings...
  • 22% more physically active...
  • 66% more intimacy...
  • couples spend 37% more time "awake in bed" (you know what that means)...
  • and household chores were 80% easier to complete

As you can see, a whole house music system can really change the way you live and love in your home.  With more and more technology pushing relationships away from face to face interaction, a home music system can bring everyone back together.  I can honestly say from experience that it has changed my home life and I'm sure it will do the same for you.

When you are ready to add life to your home with a whole house audio system, First Priority Audio will be there to help you!

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