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Focal Delivers the Best in Outdoor Speaker Systems

Focal Stone 8 speaker seating on a wooden pool ledge behind a beige patio chair.

Explore the Power and Elegance of Their New OD Stone 8 Speakers 

Imagine lounging by your pool or enjoying a garden party with friends under the beautiful sunshine in Ocala, all accompanied by the rich, immersive sound of high-end audio that blends with the natural surroundings. The allure of outdoor living is undeniable in the Sunshine State, and at First Priority Audio, we're committed to enhancing that experience with the best in audio technology.  

Our luxury clientele deserves better than wireless outdoor speakers. That’s why we're excited to partner with top companies like Focal, which deliver the best outdoor speaker systems. One of the latest additions to their Littora line of outdoor solutions is the OD Stone 8, the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality for an outdoor experience that resonates with elegance and high-performance sound.

The Best Outdoor Speaker Systems in 2023

An outdoor speaker with plants and stones surrounding it.

Find the Perfect Option for Your Florida Backyard 

Whether you’re grilling on the patio or lounging in the pool, all time spent outdoors is even better with some music. If you’re a music lover or enjoy hosting get-togethers at home, outdoor audio may be the essential component you’re missing. While we typically grab our gadgets and run when it starts to rain, outdoor speakers are built to endure all weather conditions. 

So if you’re interested in an outdoor speaker system, but aren’t sure where to start, let us be your guide. We install high-end outdoor audio systems in the Lighthouse Point, FL, area, and if you ask us, these are the best outdoor audio brands to know. 

Take Your Florida Pool to the Next Level with Outdoor AV & Lighting


With an Outdoor Speaker System & Weatherproof TV, You’ll Spend All Year Poolside

Out-of-state folks like to ask how we survive the summers here in Jupiter, FL. How? In the pool, of course!

Pool owners, you know that the water is the best spot to bring family and friends together. And to create an even more lively, fun atmosphere, you can always count on an outdoor speaker system.

With outdoor audio, you’ll experience high-fidelity sound across your lawn like you’re at a music venue. And if you want to take movie nights under the stars or watch the game while you grill? Weatherproof TVs can also stay outside all year long—even through hurricane season.

But how does outdoor entertainment work? And what brands are the best? We’ll share what you need to know to get started below.

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