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Is Your Home Technology Due for a Check-Up?


Ensure Your Smart System, Wi-Fi, and Air Quality Are All in Good Health

Many of us make personal resolutions to improve our health each year. But what about your home’s health? We have check-ups for our teeth and yearly inspections for our cars. But if you don’t have a professional look at your house’s technology and airflow, you could run into problems.

The best way to prevent technical failures is to regularly update and clean your technology. For a healthy home in Hypoluxo, FL, read on to discover how we can help with home technology and quality check-ups. 

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System Cleaning & Updating

From loudspeakers to smart home systems, your technology can’t keep running for years and years without a little care and attention. We’ll clean and dust your devices to prevent overheating and performance issues. If your firmware or operating system is outdated, we’ll upgrade it for you. Updates are essential to protect your tech from cyberattacks, as older systems are more vulnerable to hacking techniques.   

Home Network & Wi-Fi Testing

Is your Wi-Fi running fast enough? Is your network well protected? We can run tests to check the internet’s quality and make any helpful updates. Maybe you’d benefit from upgrading the bandwidth, or perhaps your home office would be better off with a wired connection. We’ll evaluate your system and offer any advice for faster speeds and a wider range.

System Operations Refresher

There may be possibilities for your smart system that you aren’t taking advantage of yet. For instance, we can help you create custom lighting scenes for each room to activate in one touch of a button. Want to start using voice control for your home? We can assemble that for you. Or perhaps you’d like personalized settings like “Party Time” or “Dinner” that instantly set the mood - activating lights, motorized shades, and music. We’ll give you a refresher on all you can do with systems like Control4 and Lutron.

Air Quality Diagnostics

As we do a deep-clean for your technology, your home will feel healthier with cleaner air, too. Unbeknownst to us, air pollutants can lurk inside our homes and make us sick, from dust mites to mold and fumes from gas-fired appliances. We use air purification devices to check the quality of your home’s airflow and filter any harmful particles.

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