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Finance Your Energy-Efficient Upgrades with a Ygrene Contractor


Ygrene Makes It Easy To ‘Go Green’ in Your Palm Beach Home or Business

Would you love to make your home or business ‘green’, but aren’t sure how to pay for the installation upfront? There’s now a new way to finance energy efficient home improvement projects, from solar panels to smart lighting.

Ygrene is a smart alternative to traditional credit-based financing, eligibility is based primarily on your property equity and not your credit score. Rates are fixed and payments may not be due for up to 17 months1.

First Priority Audio is part of Ygrene’s network of certified contractors.  If you live in Palm Beach, FL give us a call at 954-650-3074.  You can also join us on our Facebook Live event on October 29th at 6:30 p.m. to learn more. RSVP here!


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Home Improvements with Ygrene

If you’re interested in the following new systems, you can finance them with our help as a Ygrene contractor:

You can read a full list of PACE-eligible improvements in Florida from Ygrene here.

How It Works

Ygrene financing is based primarily on property equity and not your credit score. So, if you own your home or business and have paid property taxes on time over the past five years, then Ygrene would be an excellent fit for your property. Once you qualify, PACE financing is affixed to your property, so you’ll pay it off on the same schedule as your current property taxes.

Benefits of Financing with Ygrene

The benefits are endless, depending on the services you decide to invest in with Ygrene. If you’re interested in smart lighting or a smart HVAC system, you’ll not only help the environment, but you’ll reduce monthly energy bills, too. Why not take advantage of no payment for up to 17 months1 to upgrade and modernize those shades that can be controlled by your smart home system to optimize the natural light entering your home. 

When you finance your smart technology or home improvement project, you won’t be expected to pay anything upfront. You’ll have a fixed rate with flexible terms for up to thirty years2. There isn’t a minimum credit score requirement1, either, so that shouldn’t hold you back from an upgrade.  

Are you interested in financing with Ygrene? Contact First Priority Audio, part of Ygrene’s network of independent contractors. Join us on October 29th at 6:30 p.m. on Facebook Live for an informational Ygrene interview to learn more. See you then!

1Subject to underwriting guidelines and approval; timing of first payment depends on date of funding, interest accrues after funding. While Ygrene does not consider your credit score, we will pull your credit during underwriting in order to determine your eligibility. Ygrene is not a government program.

2Terms of 10, 15 and 20 years are valid in all Ygrene service areas; 25 and 30 year terms are available depending on sevice area as well as type and estimated useful life of the improvement

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