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Smart Technology Gifts She’ll Love This Season


Stylish & Smart Gift Ideas, from Motorized Shades to Wellness Tech

Are you looking for a gift for your wife, mother, sister, or partner, and you’re hoping to find something she’ll actually use? You could go the typical route with perfume, a new scarf, a book, or a gift card. But if you want to find something unique and useful for her, have you thought about smart home technology?

Our clients in Fort Lauderdale, FL, feel their daily lives are more comfortable, enjoyable, and convenient with home automation systems like Control4 and Lutron. From motorized shades to wellness technology, discover these modern and exciting gifts she’ll love below.   


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Motorized Shades

Automated window shades offer a sleek and stylish solution for the busy woman in your life. From one tap of a button or a flick of a switch, the shades on multiple windows or rooms can lower in an instant. Lutron’s smart shades are ultra-quiet without a wire in sight, and are available in a variety of transparencies, fabrics, and designs, like honeycomb and roller styles.

With an automation system, you can take this gift even further. Shades can be scheduled to rise automatically with the sunrise and lower as she heads off to work. At night, privacy is only a tap away. She’ll save time while enjoying elegant blinds all arranged in a perfect row.  

Hidden Artwork Frame TV

Are you shopping for someone who takes pride in their interior decorating? Or wants to unplug without the distraction of the internet and TV? Samsung’s new Frame TV is the perfect gift for her. When the high-resolution QLED screen is turned off, it transforms into a lifelike work of art that’s indistinguishable from a real painting.

In ‘Art Mode’, she can choose from 1,200 works of art, switching things up every day if she’d like. The Frame’s Brightness Sensor balances the display’s brightness automatically depending on the time of day, so it never looks faded or too bright.

Wellness Smart Technology

For your health-conscious loved ones, smart technology devices can also be used to live well and stress-free. Human-centric LED lighting, for instance, automatically adjusts color temperature and brightness according to the sun’s natural patterns. She’ll feel more energized in her home during the day and relaxed at night for a good night’s sleep.  

Smart systems like Control4 can automate climate control and air and water purification, with access from your phone or tablet. That means that she can enjoy nature soundscapes throughout the house with a multi-room audio setup while doing yoga, taking a nap, working, or relaxing.

Voice Control

All the devices we’ve mentioned and more can be controlled hands-free with a voice assistant speaker like Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home, or So why not give a voice control device to help your loved one save time and swiftly manage her home? was built specifically to integrate with smart homes, so she can use natural language to adjust the blinds, lights, speakers, security devices, and more.

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