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Architects & Builders, Here’s 3 Reasons to Partner with an AV Integrator


Enhance Your High-End Home Designs & Give Clients What They Really Want

As we move into the 2020s, new homeowners desire smart technology and whole-home audio more than ever. If you’re an architect, builder, or designer, you may have heard that a technology integrator can make your projects more manageable and profitable.

But what is an integrator, and what can they do for your home control system design? In short, an integrator builds systems of disconnected technologies that work together from one single interface. But there’s much more to it than meets the eye.

As smart technology and AV experts in Lighthouse Point, FL, we’ll share why architects and builders benefit from partnering with integrators. Learn how we can help by reading on below!  


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  1. Integrators are Experts on Tech Placement and Wiring

You know your way around a home design plan, but what about the hardware, wiring, and technology needed for a home automation system? What if your client desires a feature like lighting control or whole-home audio that requires custom designing?

With an integrator at hand, you’ll save yourself stressful guesswork and hours you’d need to spend researching technology. An integrator knows the right location for everything, as they’ve done this countless times and they’re aware of the most recent trends and safety standards. They will know where to install low voltage wiring for AV, which will save everyone from headaches later.

For example, If an integrator consults with you before the project starts, they could consult on where to place outlets for AV equipment. That way, you won’t need to go back and re-wire or rework walls to connect technology throughout the house.


  1. You’ll Stay on Schedule

The last thing anyone wants is a delayed building or renovation project. Automation systems add new layers of complexities to designs—finding the right products, merging all technology into one system, and making sure it works properly. By partnering with an AV integrator, you’ll eliminate time spent on planning, configuring the system, and resolving issues. With technology elements handled by an expert, you’ll complete the project on time, resulting in praise and positive online reviews for your business.


  1. You’ll Prevent System Failures

 A complete home control system means that lights, audio, security, HVAC, and more can be controlled from one system through one app. You’ll want to ensure this is true and works as it should. An integrator knows industry-approved quality management processes to make sure technology is correctly and safely installed. They’ll catch defects before launching and discern any blind spots or glitches that may otherwise go unnoticed.


Partner with a Smart Home Integrator 

If you aren’t an expert on home automation, you should work with one. First Priority Audio is still open and operating as an essential business and is taking every health and safety precaution to keep our clients and our technicians safe. We can also work with you remotely for consultations and design plans.  


To get started, call First Priority Audio at (954) 650-3074 or submit our contact form here.

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