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Lutron: The Next Generation of Recessed Lighting

Bright, modern home with recessed Lutron lights and a sunburst-shaped lighting fixture on the ceiling.

Individually Adjust Your Home’s Lights for the Perfect Brightness & Color

First, we had the ability to turn lights on and off with wall switches.

Then, dimmers became available, letting us adjust how bright or dim lights appeared.

And now, with Lutron lighting control, we can customize the brightness and color of our light bulbs, fine-tuning the appearance anytime we want through the Lutron app or wall keypads.

With help from a Lutron installer, you’ll illuminate your home in Palm Beach, FL, in an entirely new and beautiful way. Want to see what Lutron can do? Read more to find out.

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Lutron Intelligent Lights

These aren’t your typical light bulbs. Lutron offers two lines of intelligent lighting fixtures, Ivalo and Ketra. Ivalo is its entry-level lighting portfolio that is more simplistic than Ketra, but like Ketra, its lights offer 0.1 percent dimming, soft power-on, and fade-to-black. Ketra lighting works with Lutron’s HomeWorks control system and provides the widest tunable color spectrum possible with 6 million colors and white temperatures ranging from 1,400 to 10,000 Kelvins.

Cool to Warm

With Lutron lights installed in your house, you’re free to adjust the brightness and hue anytime through the Lutron app’s color wheel. You can even select individual lights across the ceiling or room, fine-tuning the exact appearance and light density you’d like to create. Recessed lights can be automated to follow a schedule, too. Mimic natural light with daylight settings that appear bright and cool-toned during the day and warm and cozy at night, like glowing candlelight.

Universal Housing for Downlights

Lutron manufactures a variety of lights, but their in-ceiling housings are compatible with all models. That way, if you’re renovating or building a new home, you won’t run into any compatibility issues and can plan where lights will go before the lights are chosen and ordered.

Lutron’s recessed lighting trims can suit any environment. From round to square to paintable white or silver, they’ll seamlessly blend into the interior. Not only do the smart lights enhance your home’s aesthetic, but the ceiling’s appearance will be better off, too.

Elevate Interior Design

Tunable lighting not only enhances the mood of your home spaces but also influences your interior design. Choosing certain shades of white or colored light can bring up wood flooring, make sofas pop, and heighten hues in works of art. Even the wallpaper or wall paint will look different depending on the light settings you choose. Ketra’s vast color palette unleashes limitless possibilities for your interior decor!

Whether you’re undergoing a renovation or a new home build, a Lutron installer like our team at First Priority Audio can design your dream lighting system. Contact us here to learn more and see what smart lighting can really do!

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