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Part 2: Whole Home Automation Sets the Scene in Every Room


Feel Safe, Secure, And So Comfortable Wherever You Go in Your Home

A safe home is a happy home, and so is one that caters to your every need. When your home has smart technologies like automated lighting, advanced surveillance, and state-of-the-art audio-video systems, you’ll experience luxurious living at its finest. From the bedroom to the bathroom to your home office, every area in your house can be fully equipped with smart solutions.

In Part 1 of this whole-home automation blog series, we discussed how smart technologies transform the way you enjoy home entertainment. In Part 2, we’ll show you how a smart home system elevates your lifestyle and improves how you interact with your home in Hypoluxo, FL.

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The Bedroom: Your Haven of Rest and Retreat

One of the most impressive features of a smart home is the seamless control you have over your technologies: the lights, shades, music, and TV. Just think about it. How many times have you settled into bed when you realize you forgot to turn off a light, lock a door, closed the blinds, or turn off the TV? It’s not a problem when you live in a smart home. You can do everything on your Control4 tablet.

Even if you leave the tablet in another room, you can still control everything on your smartphone with the Control4 app. Nestled in your bed, you lower the shades in the living room, secure the doors with your smart lock system, and even check on the kids in their room’s surveillance system. When finished, click the “bedtime” lighting scene on your tablet, turn on your room’s audio system, and listen to your favorite songs while you drift off to sleep.

The Bathroom: A Smarter Way to Get Ready for the Day

The alarm clock goes off as your automated lights slowly illuminate, easing you into the morning. You’ve queued your multi-room sound system to start a playlist to set the stage for a good day. As you rise from bed and enter your bathroom, the Lutron lighting system brightens to your preset scene – no need to touch a switch or panel. Of course, the music you enjoy is playing through hi-fi speakers in the ceiling too.

And then it gets really interesting! Touch the bathroom mirror, and it responds by displaying the news for the day, the weather, your Facebook feed, or anything you want. You can even finish the movie you started last. It’s a smart mirror that makes prepping for the day informative, entertaining, or just plain fun.

The Home Office: All the Technologies You Need for Productivity

With so many people working from home now, you need a home office system that sets you up for success. Nothing compares to an office that is powered by smart technologies. Just imagine attending (or hosting) a video conference call with a 4K TV screen, high-resolution web camera, and hi-fi audio that is crystal clear.

While you’re at it, it’s important to make sure your home network is up to speed – literally! If it has low bandwidth or the router is too far away from your home office, your office technologies will have connection problems. Whether you need Wi-Fi connectivity or a cabled connection, you can depend on First Priority Audio to ensure your home office is an efficient place to work.


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