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High-Quality Home Networking & TV Screens for Gaming


You Need a Connection That’s Fast and Reliable. Here’s How to Get It. 

No matter if you’re playing on a PC or Xbox, shooter games, or sports, you need a strong internet connection if you’ll be playing online. Video games, especially in dazzling 4K, require a lot of bandwidth to connect with friends or stream to social platforms like Twitch. Can your home’s Wi-Fi handle it? 

In this article, we’ll share how a high-end home networking upgrade can make your gaming experience speedy and seamless. We’ll then share what visuals and sound are available for specific gaming consoles. Our Fort Lauderdale, FL clients enjoy hours of gaming in high-quality 4K with help from our network installations. 

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Upgrade Your Hardware & Service 

If you want a superior home network, it’s crucial not to skimp on hardware and service. Cutting corners will leave you with slow speeds and graphics that won’t load, making gaming more frustrating than fun. 

In homes with numerous screens and smart home devices, an enterprise-grade network may be a wise direction to follow. Enterprise-grade hardware is usually used by businesses but can support more devices at once and last much longer than consumer-grade solutions. 

The best home networks combine wireless and wired methods, and a network professional can help you build a system that connects your entire house. We’ll use a broadband router as the centerpiece to support both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections. That way, we can either wire your gaming console to the internet or wire other rooms to ensure no device connectivityis compromised.

When multiple people are using your home network at once, you’ll be competing for Wi-Fi signals. Use a router that supports the latest wireless standard, Wi-Fi 6, so more devices can perform at high speeds simultaneously. We’ll find the optimal location for your router(s) and build a comprehensive network you can rely on. 

Different Consoles, Different Needs 

Gamers know that not all consoles are built equally. There may be a screen, speaker, or network upgrade that will make the most of your console choice.  

PlayStation 5 is the latest from Sony, and it provides a 4K UHD Blu-ray drive with 4K gameplay and 8K support for future 8K games. You’ll want at least a 4K or 8K screen to make the most of your PS5. It does not include Dolby Vision or Dolby Atmos sound, so if you own Dolby Atmos speakers, they aren’t supported by PS5. 

The PlayStation 4 Pro offers native and upscaled 4K gaming, but no 4K Blu-ray support. The standard PS4 doesn’t support 4K at all, so keep in mind you’ll need to upgrade to PS4 Pro for the best visuals. 

From Microsoft, the Xbox Series X includes 4K gaming, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos surround sound. You’ll need a compatible 4K or 8K TV to witness the full visual experience of the latest Xbox. The faster loading times and flawless visuals shouldn’t be wasted on a low-quality screen, and if you’re playing online, over a slow network. 

Gaming on 8K Displays 

8K content is still very limited, and it may be a while until we have video games in stunning 8K resolution. But if you’re looking to upgrade your display, get ahead of the curve with an 8K screen like Sony’s MASTER Series for the clearest images you’ve ever seen. Colors are brighter, blacks are more pronounced, and the refresh rate is faster for lifelike response times. As we said, the PS5 already supports 8K, so it’s only a matter of time. 

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