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Where Do You Game? Dedicated Media Room vs. Shared Space


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Shared Space: What You’ll Need 

High-Quality Headphones 

Maybe the rest of your family doesn’t want to hear ‘Call of Duty’ gunshots or your galloping horse in ‘Red Dead.’ If they are in the media room too, you can still privately treat yourself to incredible game audio with high-quality headphones. 

Sony manufactures premium headphones with large internal drivers and noise-canceling features. It will feel like there’s a real surround sound system in your ear! And wireless models let you move about the room freely without being yanked by a cord. 

But if you’re looking for a headset to chat with friends online, choose a noise-canceling microphone with decent voice quality that won’t pick up background sounds. Brand like Focal are often cited as the best headset brands. 

Acoustical Treatments 

If headphones aren’t your style and you’d rather play over a speaker system, ensure your audio sounds its best with acoustical treatments. Soft materials on the walls and floor will help absorb excess sound frequencies, so there aren’t echoes. We install fiberglass panels to absorb frequencies and sound diffusers to scatter noise for evenly balanced sound.  

And to keep the rest of your household happy, soundproofing materials on the walls and door will help contain audio inside the room. Even with a booming subwoofer, soundproofing will save you from “Turn it down!” shouted across the house.    

Dedicated Room: What You’ll Need 

Dolby Atmos Audio 

You have a private room to immerse yourself in your favorite games, so don’t miss out on the magic of Dolby Atmos surround sound. Dolby Atmos’ upward-firing speakers take surround sound to the next level. It treats every sound like an individual object, letting it bounce around the room without restricting to a specific audio channel. We can add Dolby Atmos speakers to your existing surround sound setup, installed ideally overhead.  

Motorized Shades 

It’s your room for gaming, so set the scene with motorized shades. Ambient light from windows adds glare and distraction to your screen. But in one press of a button, blinds can lower in an instant. Blackout roller shades will ensure total darkness, like a real movie theater. Plus, with a home automation system, we can sync shades, speakers, and screens to activate in one smart scene. 


If you’re interested in a media room upgrade in the Palm Beach area, let First Priority Audio be your guide. We’re experts in high-end audio-video installations. Contact us herect us here to get started on your project today! 

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