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Day Games & Sunday Night Football with Outdoor Entertainment

A modern outdoor patio with a white fireplace and an outdoor TV mounted above it.

Make the Most of the Season with Anti-Glare TVs, Weatherproof Audio & More 

If football games are like holidays to you…

If you go all out with special appetizers for each game… 

If you love to host family and friends… 

Then there’s a good chance you’d benefit from outdoor entertainment technology like weatherproof TVs, outdoor audio, and landscape lighting. With outdoor AV, your backyard becomes an extension of your home, where you can enjoy movies, shows, and most importantly, the upcoming football season in the fresh air. 

Fall brings beautiful mild weather to South Florida, so why not make the most of it with outdoor entertainment? If you’re new to outdoor AV, here’s what’s possible for your Fort Lauderdale, FL home. 

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Outdoor TVs That Look Great in the Sun

Outdoor televisions by brands like Séura are not only built to withstand the elements; they’re also extra bright to view clearly, even in sunlight. If you’ve ever looked at a phone or tablet at the beach, you know that sunshine and screens don’t pair well together. But outdoor TVs are four times brighter than indoor models, so you can see the game as vividly as you would on a stadium screen. 

Séura outdoor televisions can be mounted under a shaded patio, against a wall, or even in the middle of the lawn. You won’t need a cover for it; the TV’s enclosure is sealed tight to protect it from moisture, humidity, debris, and extreme temperatures. 

…And Under the Stars 

Outdoor TVs are brighter than indoor screens, but that doesn’t mean your eyes will sting and ache at night. Séura’s outdoor displays use light sensors to automatically adjust brightness levels for nighttime. That way, it’s easy on the eyes while you watch in the dark. 

Fill Your Yard with Gameplay Audio 

Want to listen to the game while you float in the pool or cook on the grill? You don’t need to stay glued to the TV to hear what’s happening. Outdoor speakers, like weatherproof TVs, are manufactured to remain mounted outside all year. With a series of speakers wired to the same system, speakers across the lawn will play in unison. Then, from your phone, tablet, or smart remote, you can easily choose what to play over the sound system. 

So whether it’s a party playlist or the TV’s audio for the game, it only takes a tap of a button to distribute an audio source. And wired speakers won’t need to wait to connect over Bluetooth, simplifying the entire experience. 

Game Nights with Landscape Lights 

If you’re inviting guests over for the game, you won’t want everyone sitting in total darkness while the game plays on TV. If you don’t already own landscape lighting, a professionally installed system will accentuate your property while creating a welcoming atmosphere. And when integrated into a smart home system, you can control lights remotely and even adjust the brightness and colors of LED bulbs. 


Are you ready to take your backyard entertainment to the next level? First Priority Audio is South Florida’s destination for home audio video and outdoor entertainment. Contact us here to ask us any questions, and visit our showroom to see the technology in action! 

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