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Deck Out Your Entertainment for the Super Bowl with These AV Ideas


The Next-Best Thing to Being at the Game 

It’s the TV event of the year—the Super Bowl. Maybe you usually attend a Super Bowl party, go to a bar, or perhaps you’re the annual host. While we’re stuck at home this year, this could be the best time to upgrade your entertainment. Transform your media room, living room, or home theater to make your house the Super Bowl destination next year and for years to come. 

As an audio-video integrator based in Lighthouse Point, FL, we’ve helped homeowners amplify their game day entertainment through large format displays, multi-screens, smart lighting, and video distribution. Get inspired for your home below. 

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Large Format TVs 

Want to feel like you’re on the sidelines? Your small flat screen won’t cut it. Sony’s MASTER Series televisions are ultra-clear and larger than life. The A90J screen in OLED 4K, for instance, is available as large as 83 inches wide diagonally. Their Z9J TV in LED 8K gets as big as 85 inches wide. 

Another option for ultra-realistic visuals is the microLED, which involves microscopic LED lights that form individually lit pixels. The result? You’ll see richer contrast, faster response times, and a screen that lasts much longer than LCD or LED screens. Currently, micro LEDs come in the form of tiles that are stitched together. This means you can ultimately build a wall-sized screen of microLED panels, bringing you right into the game. 

Projectors & Screens 

Want to get even larger? Maybe a projector system is your best bet. UHD and native 4K projectors by brands like Sony and Samsung can project images as vast as 25 feet wide! Install a fixed projector screen to the wall, or use a motorized, retractable screen that disappears when not in use. You can transform your living room or media room into a Super Bowl destination, then return it to its livable space. 

Lighting Control 

You want to immerse yourself in a dark room to enjoy the game—but alsobe able to tell the difference between guacamole and queso. Smart LED lighting at multiple levelslets you perfectly fine-tune the room’s brightness so you can still see while preserving the screen’s brightness. Set smaller lights to a dim blue color (or your favorite team’s colors) for a fun atmosphere that doesn’t distract from the TV. Blackout motorized shades on the windows can lower in seconds, blocking out any excess ambient light from outside

Sync Multiple TVs with Video Distribution 

Have you ever been to an electronics store and seen a wall of TVsplaying the same movie at the same time—without a delay? If you’ve wondered how that’s possible, it’s distributed video. 

Video distribution permits a single video source, like a Blu-ray player, to be shared between multiple screens through a video switch. This minimizes the number of sources you need in your house. Even if you own five TVs, you won’t require a satellite receiver or media player for all of them. 

Distributed video brings the signal you need to all TVs. You’ll minimize cluttered equipment and wires, and with a home automation system like Control4you can control it all through one remote or app. Quickly turn on the game across the entire house, so you and your guests can mingle from room to room without missing any action. 

Ready to Upgrade Your Entertainment? 

If you’re curious about the latest AV developments and smart home solutions, you can learn more in our technology blog here. 

And if you’re a South Florida homeowner interested in a luxury AV installation, contact First Priority Audio hereWe look forward to helping you!

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